Lenovo Ideacentre K450 Common Questions and Reviews

Greetings once again, readers of K450 Review by Shandi, my own personal blog on something I love! I am back with another series of information about this K450 computer.

Today, I  want to discuss common questions I see posted frequently on places like online forums, blog comments, and even personal emails some of you have sent to me. Also, I will address some of the commonly talked about reviews about this computer and see if they are accurate. Let’s get going!

Lenovo Ideacentre K450 Common Questions

Alright, so the first question actually came from a reader on this blog — thanks a lot for the question, by the way! It lets me know you guys are interacting so please keep them coming! — So the question asked is “will the computer support both a DVI and VGA monitors at the same time?”Lenovo K450 Common Questions

My answer to that is yes it will! As you know, the Ideacentre K450 has a GTX 650 video card, which if you are aware, has three display connectors. All you have to do to make this setup work for you is have a DVI converter for the VGA input and have the other DVI plug into your monitor and the computer. Done and done!

The next question was: “What is the voltage of the power supply and can I upgrade?”

My answer is 280 watts for the power supply (more on power supply here), but that is based on what I received a year and a half ago when I purchased it. I don’t have the kind of money to buy another K450 desktop just to check what kind of power supply they package nowadays ;P. However, the next part of your question is a yes! You can upgrade probably up to a 600 watt power supply for the K450. However, I would not push past that since power supplies can get expensive and you really wouldn’t need that capacity for this desktop. Also, I mentioned the power supply on my most recent post, which you can find here on the homepage of my blog.

Common Reviews on the Ideacentre

Ideacentre K450 gameplayWhat I see commonly said about this machine is the inclusion of a 2 terrabyte hard drive. That’s 2 TB, folks. Not the largest, but certainly spacious for a computer like this. You want to fit not only your pictures, movies, and whatnot, but actual games too! We all know how many games can take up to 50-75 GBs each on average. One of my games takes up a whole 100 GB, so definitely add this hard drive a pro on your list, if you were to purchase it. Click here to read a VentureBeat post on video game size.

Another thing is the combination of the i7 processor it comes with, plus the GTX 650 graphics card it comes with. Those two are definitely a workhorse and will provide you the power you need when you need it. Gaming is definitely a breeze (depending on your expectations — do not go expecting to play 2015 games on Ultra high settings while running other video games in the background, etc).

For more on the Ideacentre K450, be sure to check out this link: http://reviews.mysteryblock.com/lenovo-ideacentre-k450-review/


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