More About the K450 PC by Lenovo

Hello again everyone! In my last post, I discussed a few of the specifications and features of the Lenovo K450 desktop. Here, I want to step it up a little bit. I will go a bit deeper into the specifications, and check out more of the features — since there are quite a lot of them — as well as give my own personal input to all of this. Stay tuned.

Ideacentre K450So as you read earlier, the Lenovo K450 is quite beefy. It does not have the gaudy stats and specs of other high-tier desktops, but it does do the work for you. Also, not to mention those “high-tier desktops” are also the same computers that will run you a couple thousands back.


Lenovo has a few pre-built settings on the desktop. They are called the “Three Speed Power Switch” and basically they are little profiles that will change how much power the computer consumes. There is a Turbo mode, good for trying to get that extra “oomph” out of a video game. It lets you get more power, but at the cost of extra power consumption. This is when I would recommend you do not go cheap on purchasing a power adapter if you were to purchase and build your own gaming rig. There is a Cool mode, which is essentially the opposite of Turbo. Basically, you lose a small chunk of your computer’s performance for the benefit of less power consumption. This is a great option if you’re just browsing or using your computer to watch videos.

The last option, which I default to when I am not using the other options, is basically a meet-in-the-middle option, called the Auto mode. Their product page on Amazon shows that it switches between the two automatically but I have found personally that it doesn’t switch at all. It actually just stays rigth at where it was in factory setting. So this is an optimal option if you aren’t tech-savvy and don’t want to play around with these settings.

Lenovo IdeacentreMy input

All of this sounds complex, but it really isn’t. Most of the gaming desktops you encounter will likely have a bunch of advanced features you want to use. However, most of them are optional so if you just want to game, then dive right in.

I personally love messing around with my desktops. I absolutely adore the three power switch on the K450 and love seeing this feature on a lot of other gaming desktops (regular computers for browsing, however, usually do not have built-in power features).

I also love the 7.1 surround sound the Lenovo K450 computer has. You would be surprised by how many gaming PCs miss out on this feature and opt for the regular sound output. The surround sound essentially gives you the output capabilities of a television. You can plug in your own speaker set (I have a surround sound speaker set, but that is for my home theater) and get the surround sound there. Likewise, you could also plug in a pair of gaming headsets and it will automatically purr out surround sound. It’s definitely an awesome upgrade going from a computer without this kind of audio (5.1 surround sound, to be specific) to playing a game like Battlefield and hearing enemy footsteps to the left or right of your guy.

The design

Lenovo K450 IdeacentreSorry for the weird structuring of this post, by the way everyone!

Lastly, I absolutely love the design of the Lenovo K450. It is designed with a simplistic mindset. No one is going to purchase this PC because of it’s shell, but it is one heck of a bonus.

Now, a lot of people do not like the same styles as me. They prefer something like what Alienware offers; freaky, kind of mysterious looking device, right? But if you aren’t into that kind of thing, then the K450 by Lenovo certainly offers quite a lot in terms of style. It looks professional and simple. Perfect if you’re going for that style in your house or if you want to set your rig on a glass table.


Well, I am done (somewhat) with this post, but not done talking about my computer. As you can see, I like it a lot. There is a bit more to cover, so please stay tuned!




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