Lenovo K450 – An awesome desktop and the specs

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So if you have read either of those posts, you would know that my current gaming setup (or browsing setup for that matter), is the awesome Lenovo K450. I bought this computer perhaps 1 or so years ago, when it was fairly new and expensive. Right now, it’s not even dated but it did drop a few in price.

Anyway, I am going to talk about the specifications and everything else about this computer. I won’t provide my full K450 review just yet — you’ll have to wait on that.

Alright, so the Lenovo K450. What’s good about it? Well, for starters, it has a nice i7 processor from Intel included right in the case when you buy it. I’ve seen plenty of gaming PCs where they hoist only an i5 or even a shoddy i3, and they advertise as a gaming computer. That’s pretty bad.

The Intel i7 on this thing (an Intel i7 4770, by the way) has a speed of 3.4 Ghz. That’s decent for what we need it  for. Not top class, but certainly capable of running video games and other hefty tasks like video editing, which I have to do a lot at my workplace, so it’s easy to work on things at home too.

The K450 computer also includes a nice Nvidia GTX 650 video card with it. Now, a lot of people will spark a debate on Nvidia vs AMD, but frankly I do not care at the moment. Sure, I realize that both have their pros and cons and each company has their own little niche, but in this case, my video card is just fine. The GTX 650 can handle a decent load of graphics. Like I said earlier, the computer isn’t designed to be the top class. It isn’t even a model that came out this year. But that just shows the longevity of this computer. I bought it maybe 2 years ago and the graphics card still holds up well to modern games. Of course, you can still replace it if you’re a more hardcore gamer.

The RAM (random access memory) is on par with the other specifications too, with a 12GB DDR3 set. I hear most gamers prefer 16GB but honestly, I have already switched between the two on this exact computer (by replacing the standard 12GB RAM with two 8 GB pieces) and the performance was hardly better. I also did just one 8 GB RAM piece, and while it couldn’t hold as much memory obviously, you can see the Intel i7 processor and GTX 650 card going to work as the performance, too, was not much of a downside.

I will talk about the other specifications later on when I complete my review, which I will link to in this article for the people that want it. Right now, I am out of time. For now, however, check out this video on the GTX 650 graphics card.

Until next time,



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